Executive Board

Unidos Podemos = United We Can

Elections were held for the New York City & Vicinity Latino Carpenters of America Executive Board at our June 5th, 2017 Members Meeting.  Positions were filled that were vacant and nominations were made and accepted without challenge.   Your new Executive Board is as follows:

President:  Eddie Herrero, Local 157

Vice President:  James Mercado, Local 157

Recording Secretary:  Ralph Vincenty, Local 2790

Treasurer:  Cesar Bravo, Local 157

Correspondence Secretary:  Cecilia Baez Raymond, Local 157

Chairman of Trustee:  Mike Martinez, Local 926

Trustee:  Juan Gonzalez, Local 157

Director/Warden:  Wilhem Vargas, Local 157

Communications Chairman:  Arnaldo Valle, Local 926


It is mandatory for all executive members to be at least 1/2 hour    prior to the Monthly Members Meeting to review the agenda.   Executive meetings will be held every second Thursday of the month. The executive committee reserves the right to terminate any  member who has been absent from the meetings for more than 3 times without reason. Each committee member must give adequate notice when resigning their post to the club.

Our Communications Committee is looking for volunteers to help us with event organizing, telephone banking, advertising the club by posting newsletters and flyers on the job sites and at locals; help with members meetings and help with raffles.  Any member interested in becoming part of our communication committee, feel free to come to our next monthly meeting and be sure to  contact Arnaldo Valle at 917-754-3989 or Juan Gonzalez at 646-260-5770.

Executive Meetings will be held on:

January 12th         February 9th       March 9th      April 13th        May 11th  June 8th     July 13th   August 10th        September 14th      October 12th        November 9th       December 14th


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